What is Money Chasing?

What is Money Chasing Hi, I'm Sally

Simply said, Money Chasing is the personal act of following up on a business’s outstanding debt. However, there is a more elaborate explanation. Money Chasing is part of the duties of an Accounts Receivable Administrator or Credit Controller in larger organisations and corporations.

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Be Financially Organised

Still relying on a Shoebox Accounting System Hi, I'm Sally

If you are still using printed invoices and an old shoebox as your most important accounting tool, you might want to rethink your approach. Small Business Owners often forget that being organised and structured is financially smart and sticking to those structures will, in the long run, guarantee that your business is flourishing.

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How to create a payment plan

How to create a Payment Plan - H, I'm Sally

There are some really simple rules to follow if you want to the set up a Payment Plan.How to negotiate and create a payment plan with your debtor.Many business owners, contractor, freelancer or sole trader do not think of a Payment Plan as being a very handy tool to get outstanding debts recovered. Often Payment Plans are seen as something ”corporates” do and as something that does not work for small businesses.

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