Debt Collection & Accounts Receivable

Are you looking to outsource debt collection?

Are you looking to outsource debt collection - Hire Hi, I'm Sally

Are you looking to outsource debt collection? If you don’t employ an accounts receivable specialist at your company or your accountant doesn’t offer receivables or debt collection services, then the answer should be YES!What is outstanding debt?Basically, every time you sent out an invoice to a client or customer for a service or product and thatinvoice is not paid immediately e.g. through credit card payment or services such as PayPal,

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The -Sally- behind Hi, I’m Sally

The -Sally- behind Hi, I'm Sally

Let me introduce you to the person behind the Hi I’m Sally scene. My name is Nadja and I actually enjoy chasing payment for outstanding invoices.

Unlike many other people I believe for it to be a common process if you were providing value for your customer but didn’t get paid. I do not find this situation awkward at all. Well, okay maybe sometimes.

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