Founders Voice

Hi, I'm Sally Money Chasing made Easy

Hi, I’m Sally. And this is "my" story.

“Sally” is the brainchild of two people who love chasing money: Nadja Jahnke an Accounts Receivable accountant that actually enjoys calling people and Bernd (Ben) Jahnke a marketing professional who built his first online business in 2001.

After moving to Australia from Germany, we noticed that the ‘mate culture’ here, as much as we love it, is not conducive to effective debt recovery.


As a result, many Australian small business owners struggle with insufficient cash flow due. After seeing first hand how some of our friends deal with outstanding debts (better described as not dealing with them) we decided to put our heads together and do something.

 After many hours of research, discussions and planing Hi, I’m Sally was born.


Hi, I’m Sally is an extension of your company: a friendly but firm money chaser that helps you to get your invoices paid.

In contrast to most debt collection agencies, we don’t threaten action.
We take action.  


Our team actually calls your debtor to remind them about the outstanding invoice. As many times as it takes. We then negotiate a payment plan if necessary and initiate a payment on your behalf.

Kind of like you would do it yourself, maybe a little better.


We don’t ‘spin yarns’ like no payment no commission or make empty promises like guaranteed payment or money back. Because we work hard for you, we ask for payment in return. But don’t worry about confusing commission structures or payment shares. Hi, I’m Sally works on a set fee structure – which means you stand to keep 100% of the money recovered.  

We offer a fair pricing structure that correlates with the effort that goes into each and every chase. Have a look and let us know what you think. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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