Hi, I'm Sally Proudly Australian Owned

Hi, I'm Sally Proudly Australian Owned - Money Chasing Made in Straya

Australian Owned is a quality badge for businesses that are owned and operated in Australia. Furthermore approved Australian Owned businesses, guarantee that all profits are reinvested into the Australian economy and do not go overseas.

When Hi, I’m Sally heard about this great project we wanted to be a part of it because we believe that the money we earn in Australia should stay here.

Why is this important for us?


As you might have read on our “Founders Voice” page, Hi, I’m Sally was founded by two immigrant that came to Australia from German in 2014. We have had a good life over in Europe but something was missing, a community feeling. The sense of “let’s work together on creating something better”.

In Berlin, where we are from, everyone fights for themselves. People are in a constant battle to get ahead of each other and therefore forget to be nice to each other, to support each other and to “pull the same rope” (German idiom). We call it “Elbow Society”


This way of living not only creates a harsh environment to live in, but it also creates financial problems that affect the economy. Because everyone fears that everyone else tries to take advantage of them, the community is stuck in a state of distrust.


Large international corporations are seen as more trustworthy than the local business owner you could actually talk to. Australia is different and we love that.


The economy in Australia for 2/3 consists of small businesses. One reason for that, we think, is the “mate culture” and the strong community feeling here. This is something that needs to be maintained and we are happy to play our part.
Our services are focused on small businesses, our approach is very personal and we are available in-person to assess out clients situation, to give advice and of course to chase their debtor.


Hi, I’m Sally and the people behind the brand simply wanted to make a statement, we are here to stay, we are here to help, we pay our taxes in “Straya” and we are proudly Australian owned!



The Hi, I’m Sally team.