Money Chasing - Here’s how I work for you.

How H, I'm Sally Debt Collection and Accounts Receivable Services for SMEs

The Basics:

Communication instead of Confrontation

Hi, I’m Sally is a money chasing service – not a debt collection agency. We help you chase your debts and recover outstanding receivables 100% person-to-person. We don’t threaten legal action. We take action. We don’t just send out scary-sounding legal letters and we don’t treat your debtor (once a valued client!) like a criminal.

Get your Money but Keep your Client!

We care about your customer relationship and your business’ reputation. That’s why we act in your best interest, following up your invoices just as you would do it yourself. Our money chasers are highly experienced in debt recovery. We are always friendly, but we are very persistent and solution focused.

Sally’s approach:

This is our main point of difference! We work using your name. As far as your debtor is concerned, our chaser is one of your staff members. The name ‘Hi, I’m Sally’ was chosen for this reason. All of our calls start with that introduction and what follows is a individualised communication sequence, carefully developed over years of successful debt recovery. We know that it works!

How it works:

After booking a service (or ‘chase’) online, we make sure we have all the details we need to start chasing for you. Once we’re all set, we get things rolling and make contact with your debtor. (Yes, we actually call them! No letter, no ‘later’ and no fake law firms necessary!).

We are experienced money chasers: not robots, not a foreign call center, but a real person here in Australia who gets in contact with your debtor to set deadlines, arrange payment plans or even accept payment via the phone.

Our Guarantee:

We really do work for you! We don’t just send out standardised collection letters. That is why we cannot offer you an empty ‘no payment, no commission’ promise.


However, with almost 20 years’ experience in debt collection, what we can guarantee is the power of a personal approach: the potential of getting your money is much higher then by sending out free letters, and your business relationships with your debtors have the chance to remain cordial.

Hi, I’m Sally is a Money Chasing Service not a Debt Collection Agency. We help you chase your debts and we help you recover outstanding receivables, however, we do that 100% in person and do not just send “threatening letters from an in-house law firm”.