How to approach a debtor

Many business owner or freelancer never learned how to approach a debtor, how to communicate during a collection call, how to create urgency or how to properly document the process.​

Hi I m Sally FB Post - How to approach a debtor

Be professional!

If necessary practice what you will say and how you want to say it before

Offer to call again.

If the debtor doesn’t calm down, tell the debtor that you will call again and end the call. Do not get into an emotionally charged argument! 


Have a goal in mind.

You know your client best, maybe offering a payment plan is a more promising approach.

Be firm with the debtor

stay persistent but positive, so the debtor will take the collection seriously

Stay calm and focused.

Dissociate yourself from the money and the debtor, this is business!


Try finding out the (real) reason payments haven’t been made and use that information to develop a solution that works for both sides.

Calm down your debtor.

If necessary, encourage the debtor to calm down as well and make clear that you want to work on a solution

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

Communicate options and timelines, provide additional information and feedback and be clear about the next steps. And always follow up!

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