Let me introduce you to the world of Hi I'm Sally

Let me introduce you to the world of Hi I'm Sally

Let me introduce you to the world of Hi I’m Sally. It has all started a long time ago. In 2001 to be specific.

In 2001 at the age of 21, I moved from Germany to Ireland. A year prior I finished my degree in Business Administration and after a few contract jobs, I thought it would be a good idea to get some international work experience. The one part of my apprenticeship that I always liked was accounting, and accounts receivable in particular.


So I found myself a job as Credit Controller at Xerox in Dublin.


There I was trained for weeks to ask the right questions and on how to calm people down if they are stressed or even angry.


It didn’t take long to feel comfortable in this position because it started to become quite rewarding, personally and on my paycheck.

Back then the team I worked with had huge recovery goals, numbers I have never dreamed of being responsible for recover.

However, I took is as a challenge and after weeks practising and unsuccessful money chasing, payment suddenly started to appear in the bank more frequently and in higher amounts.


Reflecting on that time, I believe it was my sense of justice that made “chasing money” for me so enjoyable. After all the companies I worked for over the next decade, have provided a service and deserve to be paid for it.


This is still my main understanding when it comes to accounts receivable and, I think, often the connection many company owners do not make.


Rather than actively requesting to get overdue invoices paid, company owners let it laps and wait.


After almost 20 years I have a good understanding of why that is and why especially Down Under “Debt Collection” isn’t something people talk about.

Over the years I have realised that an Accounts Receivable person needs to possess many different skills, however, one I think is often overlooked. Listening.


In our fast paced world most people appreciate someone who is listening to their thoughts, problems or concerns. This could make all the difference.

However, if you are a small business owner, you might not have the patience or training to do that. Usually, business owners think about getting new business and about their day to day operation of providing their services.


So something simple like smiling while making a recovery call can be a hard task.


However, smiling on the phone can make all the difference when calling a debtor. Simply because it is reflected in ones voice.


In a world of constant “noise” people like to be heard. Being perceptive and reading between the lines takes time but will eventually pay off.


After years of working with smaller and bigger companies, with corporates and owners, after years of seeing some struggle and others simply trying to suppress their cash flow problems, I decided to create a company that can offer help. Honest, affordable, fast and friendly help.

This is Hi, I’m Sally, your inhouse-external Accounts Receivable department that is chasing your money.


At Hi, I’m Sally we aim to create typical win-win situations. We help businesses to improve their cas-hflow without the need of threatening letters or hefty debt collector fees.

The customer feels listened to, valued and understood; and we are more likely to recover the payment for our clients. It is that simple, it’s personal, it’s Hi, I’m Sally.


If you like to know more, just give me a call:
047 9191 904

Have a great day