No Contact, No Call Policy

No Contact No Call Policy Hi, I'm Sally

Hi, I'm Sally plays fair!

To put it simple, if we do not reach your debtor or just their mailbox, your “call budget” will not be reduced.

So what does that mean:


Let’s say you bought a “Basic Call” package that includes 3 calls to chase your debtor.


Now, imagine we would call your debtor 3 time to recover your debt, but 2 times we only reach their mailbox and once they didn’t pick up.


You’d pay us for calls and not for a service that would be anyway close to what we offer.


We don’t think that this would be fair!


That is why we came up with the

No-Contact-No-Call Policy

Now, you could say that should be our risk anyway,  we say, that this policy supports our idea of honest service.


We conduct 3 “empty calls” upfront. Empty calls do not reduce your “call budget” even if you just bought a Mini Chase. However, once we reached the debtor or a relevant person at your debtor’s business, every following call reduces your “call budget”.


After 3 empty calls, you can reallocate the calls or it counts:

After 3 empty calls, we will offer you to transfer your “call budget” to another chase (invoice). If you wish to proceed with the current chase, every following call will reduce your call budget.

If that sounds fair to you, then get in touch or