The -Sally- behind Hi, I'm Sally

The -Sally- behind Hi, I'm Sally

Let me introduce you to the person behind the Hi I’m Sally scene. My name is Nadja and I actually enjoy chasing payment for outstanding invoices.

Unlike many other people, I believe for it to be a common process if you were providing value for your customer but didn’t get paid. I do not find this situation awkward at all. Well, okay maybe sometimes.


In Germany (where I am from) businesses usually pay strictly within 30 days after receiving your invoice. If they don’t, there are numerous legal action a creditor can proceed, one of them being e.g to charge interest.


However, in Australia, 85% of businesses reported late payments last year.

I experience this daily. On the phone, I am told that the accountant is in a meeting or the invoice is missing. These and other excuses make me work even harder on recovering a debt.


Sometimes this all can feel a bit like a game – the quickest and most determined wins the prize.

However, at Hi I’m Sally we understand that your business relationship is important and this of course is not a game. 


That is why we are firm but always friendly and even during very complicated calls never forget that the people we call are your clients.
We call in your name and always act in your best interest, and every chase draws from almost 20 years of cash collection. We simply know and can prove that the Sally method works.


If you’d like to learn more about our services or have a chat about how Sally can help you, please get in touch.