Why you should work with Hi, I'm Sally.

Work with Hi, I'm Sally if you want to get on top your debt

Easy-to-understand fixed pricing

What are ‘no collection, no costs’ offered worth, when your debt is never recovered? We offer real services for reasonable, fixed pricing. We don’t make promises – we get results!

Personal service

This is what sets us apart from traditional debt collectors. Don’t just send out threatening form letters. We actually get in contact with your debtor by phone and try to arrange payment as soon as possible.

This personal approach guarantees that we do get the debtors attention and with that the chance to communicate the urgency of a payment.

No horrendous commission

With debt collection agencies, you can expect to pay up to 35% commission on your debt. Hi, I’m Sally is not a Debt Collector and therefore does not work on a commission basis.

No empty promises

Many debt collectors work with a ‘33-33-33’ percent model. 33% of debtors pay straight away after the first letter, 33% might pay after the second letter and 33% definitely never pay.

For this reason, most collection agencies aim for the first 33%: they want to make their money (up to 35% of a debt) with as little effort as possible, preferably after the first letter. Because the agency is paid with the first 33%, a lot of their clients (the other 66%) might never get their money recovered.

We think this approach is just a gamble on failure risk and statistics. That’s why Hi, I’m Sally offers a simple services instead of empty promises.

No Extra Costs

No extra cost for communication or tech and tools.

Over 15 years’ experience in Europe, New Zealand and Australia
Even though we are proudly Australia based and operated, we draw on more than 15 years of international experience in Accounts Receivable, debt collection and professional money chasing.

Preparation for legal action

Sometimes, legal action is unavoidable. Hi, I’m Sally chases your money like your own accounts receivable department would and with that creates the basis for taking legal action should this be required.

Always persistent, never threatening

Put simply, we do not threaten people and we do not push people to the edge. We think that fear and anger have no place in the business world. We see ourselves as your inhouse extension and therefore act in the most honourable way possible. Persistent yes, but friendly and in a way that your client (or debtor) wants to do business with you again! To learn more about our values, please visit our Core Values & Approach page.

Get a bit less, but get it

Wondering whether it’s worth it? Do the math! Say you have an outstanding debt of $500 that has remained unpaid for more than two months. Our Basic Calls package costs $149 for three calls, plus around $29 if you want us to collect the money via credit card. Get $320, or write off $500 – it’s up to you. But if you want the money, we’re ready to chase it! Politely, persistently and personally.